Another  Empire Pride Marled yarn at Longmeadow Farm.  Farm Flock Cobblestone consists of 3 different colors of our Natural Colored Longwools.  Each color is spun into a single and plyed together for a multi colored yarn.  Marled yarns when knit give a garment a beautiful tweedy or speckled look, they add a delicious texture and interest you are sure to love.  Then Hand Dyed in small 4 skein unique color ways. Each colorway mixes well with the Natural skeins. Larger skein numbers of Hand Dyed on request while supply of specific yarn lasts


100% non-superwashed wool in a 3 ply DK weight of 11-12 wpi it is great for all outer wear.  It is very soft for a longwool and unless you are very sensitive could be worn next to your skin.  Comes in a 100 gram skein at aprox. 210 yards per skein.

Hand Dyed Cobblestone

SKU: M7/04
  • Hand wash only-non- super washed wool