"Sandy is my go to for any fiber product, from fiber to finished yarn. Her colorways are beautiful and her eye for color is extremely creative and unique. I love that when I put time and effort into a project that I won’t see the same garment on someone else! I’m in awe of Longmeadows uniqueness and quality of product!"

~Sue Gallagher

"I highly recommend stopping by The Woolroom to purchase in person or seeking her out a fiber festivals. Superior fleeces, that are insanely easy to clean, beautiful rovings and gorgeous hand dyed and natural skeins of yarn. I am looking forward to my next purchase already."

~Sonia Molinary McCutcheon

"Just received my order today!!! Love this beautiful yarn!! Thanks so much!!"

~Denise Andrew Medley

"Truly enjoyed the Finger Lakes Festival. I purchased several skeins at Longmeadow's booth on Saturday. The beautiful blends and colors kept bringing us back. On Sunday I had to purchase the items that kept dancing around in my mind. The buttons are great and their hand cream is wonderful"

~Mina Hart